Gallery 2009

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November 2009
La Vita
oil/c, 60x30"
La Morte
(apologies to
Antonello da Messina)
oil/c, 60x30"
La Resurrezione
oil/c, 60x30"
In April 2009, an earthquake destroyed many homes, churches and buildings in L'Aquila and surrounding villages, including Camarda (where I hail from).

There are many different organizations raising funds, just google 'abruzzo earthquake fundraising'... and you get an awful lot of hits. L'Aquila was the hardest hit and most of the relief effort is being directed there. Unfortunately, there is only one that is directed towards Camarda, so that is the one I'm supporting.

So, I'm donating the sales from my art to the Insieme per Camarda fund
(until the end of December 2009).

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August 2009
La Torre Medievale di Camarda
o/c 16x20"
Circa 700 Anno Domini - 6 aprile, 2009

Dulcie and Stewart Snider
Oil on oval canvas, 16x20"
This was an interesting commission. My friend Judith wanted a commemorative portrait of her parents for their 60th anniversary. So she brought me a 6x8" of her parents and a 3x4" of her mum taken in the '40s. Ughhhhhh. I hate photographers! They always tell their subjects to say 'cheese' and show off all those teeth, and I hate teeth!. I don't dooo teeth. So, I blew up the pictures to see some detail, then I changed their faces to get rid of the teeth.... then i had to figger out what colour their clothes were and eyes and hair.... so... fun stuff. But, I got it. Her mother is right on.... I'm happy with her. The father doesn't look right, but it was the best I could do with the angle of pictures that I had... So... fun project.

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June 2009
Alla cara memoria di Antonio Giovanni Alloggia
Riposa in Pace

oil/c, 16x20"
Zia Olinda
oil/c, 16x20"
Picture day

All artwork © Lucia Alloggia, 2009