Gallery 2010

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Well... this has been a pretty lousy year. Can we fast-forward to 2011? Please?

I've started an 'Apologies to Amedeo Modigliani' series. These paintings are all being donated to Diane at Kelly's Mastectomy Boutique for her fundraisers. The first one, was donated to the silent auction at 'runway for a cure' and one of the sponsors bought it and gave it to Diane for her store.

The second, 'The PICC', I gave to my oncologist Dr. S. Verma for christmas. Really nice guy; good at explanations.

The third, 'The Chemo' is just plain awful. Period.

The fourth, 'Radiation' is just that.

#1 - The Mastectomy
oil/c, 16x20"
Sold - $320
#2 - The PICC
oil/c, 16x20"
#3 - Chemo
oil/c, 16x20"
#4 - Radiation
oil/c, 16x20"

All artwork © Lucia Alloggia, 2010