Gallery 2011

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YAY, I'm painting for the church in Camarda again -- La Madonna della Valleverdi -- These are huge... how in heck am I ever gonna be able to ship them there? ....

oil/c, 4'x6' oil/c, 4'x6' oil/c, 4'x6'

* * *

I was on Preston Street for La Vendemmia -- September 24 & 25 -- and was painting people in the street.... The owner of Ciccio came out and looked at my paintings, then went back inside... then he came back out, and back inside... finally he asked if I could paint his restaurant. I explained I was a portrait artist, not landscape so he should go and ask one of the other painters on the street... he said he liked my paintings.... so... I said sure. I mean, how hard could it be eh? So I did a cafe scene in the style of a Van Gogh... and decided to put it in the evening... just call me the queen of photoshop! Fun.

oil/c, 16x20" oil/c, 16x20" oil/c, 16x20"

Here are some really huge paintings... I had to move into the garage to paint'em 'cause it was the only place big enough....

oil/c, 40x60" oil/c, 24x48"
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I love new projects. The dress is georgeous. But boy did it ever take a long time.... layers and layers of 'drawing', not painting.
Great project.
Thank heavens for Dana Brezina... she has a studio on York St. in the market. She saved me a bunch of times on this one....

oil/c, 16x20"

* * *

Cheryl's Kids.
Maria found the three frames curbside and I thought to myself, they are perfect for Cheryl's three kids.
Poor Eric, doesn't he look like posing is the LAST place he wants to be?
Ah well....

All artwork © Lucia Alloggia, 2011