Commissioned Oil Portraits:

$200 - $1,000 depending on the size and complexity of the subject.

Commissioned Drawing Portraits:

$200 - $500, depending on the size.

In General:

A "Modigliani" or "Picasso" style portrait is $200.
A "Renoir" (oval) style portrait is $400.
And any of the detailed paintings are ~ $1,000.

Conditions for life paintings:

  • The number of sittings varies. For an oil painting it could be 8 - 12 sittings of approximately two hours each.
  • Sittings and cost are approximate guidelines, depending on size and complexity.
  • Client is responsible for costs of travel, lodging, etc. during the visit.

Conditions for paintings from photographs:

  • I prefer to meet with my subjects and take photos in a variety of poses. Although I prefer to work from life, since that isn't always possible, many of my portraits are painted from my photos.
  • As a minimum, I ask that the subject come for a final 1-2 hour sitting.


  • Payment will be made half in advance, half on completion.


  • Located in Ottawa, Canada.
  • email